About Us

Experience You Can Rely On

Strategy Innovators LLC helps enterprises improve the quality and quantity of their inventions. We chart likely paths of technology evolution and ways enterprises can stake their claims ahead of technology development curves. 

Our approach to inventing is a system to 1) orient innovative talent toward the wants and needs of customers, 2) proficiently assess challenges and opportunities faster, 3) expand the range of solution possibilities, and 4) harness good ideas to raise enterprise value. 

Whether you wish to improve upon the state of the art, disrupt your industry, or protect your freedom to operate, we can help you get their sooner.

30-10 Innovation™

Our flagship deliverable is 30-10™  Innovation, a systematic approach to raising both the quality and the quantity of inventions produced by inventor teams. 30-10™ Innovation can be used for targeted opportunity development. The process delivers a suite of enabled inventions to the USPTO standard of 35 U.S.C. 112(a), meaning a person of ordinary skill in the art could make or use the invention as disclosed.

Team Leaders

Robert Cantrell CEO

As a registered patent agent, Robert is an innovation coach for enterprises seeking to systematically invent and file patent applications in important technology fields to protect their development investments. He prepares and prosecutes US and international patent applications and consults on how to build and run a strategic patent operation for enterprise value. He is on the faculty of Patent Resources Group (PRG) teaching Patent Strategies for Business.

Robert was an innovator, project manager, and patent agent at Walmart Inc. As a patent agent, he helped more than one hundred inventors define their ideas as enabled inventions and file patent applications. As an innovator and project manager, he was an inventor on more than 150 filed patent applications. His inventions include unmanned ground and aerial systems, distribution center logistics, block chain, and inventions for the store-of-the-future.

Prior to working at Walmart, he worked as a business development executive and manager of intellectual property research and analysis teams and provided innovation and strategy consulting services. He also managed patent hunter-killer teams for corporations seeking to fend off non-practicing entities. Robert is the author of the book "Outpacing the Competition: Patent-Based Business Strategy", published by John Wiley & Sons.

Prior to his career in commercial enterprises, Robert served as an Airborne Infantry Officer in the 101st Airborne Division.


Don High CIO

Don High is an inventor and data scientist with an exceptional track record as an inventor at Walmart's technology groups. He inspires innovators globally to produce amazing results and help enterprises improve performance while streamlining operational costs. Associated research and development initiatives put 680 inventions into the patent queue with more than 250 published and more than 125 granted. His success stems from helping others to be successful. 

Don has led teams of 200+ people, including local direct reports and offshore consulting resources, with capital expenditure responsibilities. His initiatives have had multi-million dollar impacts throughout Walmart's store, logistics, and distribution center operations. He has also directed multiple teams around the world made up of many vendor partners responsible for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGV), Augmented Reality (AR), Block Chain, Autonomous Class A Truck, Internet of Things (IOT) with the overall focus to reduce last-mile costs from $35 per delivery to $2 or less. Don initiated partnerships with FAA, NASA, DARPA, ORNL, and multiple FAA Test Sites. Established a robust portfolio of patents to protect Walmart’s interests in logistics technologies. He designed the global platform for Master Data Management for the Enterprise across all markets and areas of the business. This design unified over 3000+ databases for items / products into one version of Walmart’s omnichannel business capability.  

Prior to his business career, Don served as a Marine.